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Problems with Facebook organic reach

Why does Facebook make it difficult for you to reach your followers when sharing information about classes and links to your website?

First, we should keep a few things in mind:

  • Facebook wants to keep people on Facebook. That’s how Facebook makes $$$ – keeping people on Facebook and showing them ads.
  • Usually information about classes doesn’t get as high the engagement as your videos or photos do. If the content is “boring” Facebook doesn’t show it to many people since it’s considered to lower the user experience
  • Anything that looks like an advert will not get the reach you would like to get. If you think that your followers on Facebook or Instagram belong to you, think again 🙂 These followers are owned by Facebook, not you. You own your email subscribers, your students, but not your followers on social media. I’m sorry…

So what you can do about it?

Option #1

Don’t depend on posting about your classes on social media. It works until you have a lot of classes to advertise, then it becomes difficult.

Option #2

Do such a great job on social media that you could post only once and the class would fill up.

Option #3

Use Facebook Ads to promote your classes. Target people who have engaged with you but haven’t registered yet. You will only need a minimum budget for this since you are going to reach a limited number of people (your remarketing audience).
Another advantage is that they will see and add for a couple of times and that’s what you need – to remind them about classes starting soon. Learn how to use Facebook Ads like a pro in BootCamp with me.

Option #4

Do a great job with your community so word of mouth from your students would do a job for you. This is the best marketing there is – recommendations have the highest conversion rate. But it gives you the least control.

Or have a combination of option .

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