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Why tracking is crucial for digital advertising

This will be technical so I’m not sure if I make sense. But please bear with me and if any questions pop up, please let me know in the comments.

Why do you need to set up tracking and how it will help you and your dance school?

First, you have limited time that you can spend running any marketing activities. This would make you want to spend time on things that matter (make an impact) rather than on the stuff that is not going to help you to grow the swing dance community.
Second, some marketing activities will cost you not just time but also money. Therefore, it would be kind of great to know where to spend and where to save.
To know where to spend your time and money for marketing, you need a website that you use to provide information about your classes, school, and swing dance in general. You should also have a registration form on your website or at least a magical REGISTER button that will lead your future students to a Google Form or some other registration system.
Tracking will show you if people register for classes through clicking your posts on Facebook/Instagram, searching for you on Google, visiting your website directly, links on forums or other websites, email newsletter, or because you are running Facebook/Instagram or Google Ads. Maybe you have flyers all across your city and would like to know if anybody actually uses them – there are ways to track these too.
The technical part – tracking is a piece of code on your website that tracks where your website visitors came from and what actions they made on your website. Usually, everyone has Google Analytics installed which shows you website sessions, traffic sources, user behavior, and so on.
The problem is that the basic Google Analytics setup will not give you data on where the registrations come from. YOU NEED TO SET UP TRACKING.
On Facebook/Instagram Ads side, there’s this Facebook Pixel – a code on your website that tracks similar website user behavior as Google Analytics and could be used to track which Facebook/Instagram ads and targeting audiences are bringing new students to your classes.
Without tracking you think that you know what you are doing with your ads. But, honestly, I’m yet to see a Facebook Ads account that would be bringing results without a proper tracking setup.
To add on top, if Facebook Pixel can see what kind of people are registering for your classes, then it would try to reach people who are similar to the ones who register. So you would be spending money where it could help you bring results rather than awareness. And then sitting with fingers crossed and hoping your classes will fill up.
The best part is that I can and I will set up tracking for your website if you join the Facebook Ads Bootcamp. Not only your ads will perform better, but also you will have a general idea of what to do next. Spend less time thinking and more time doing things. Then go dancing 🙂
And, instead of trying to figure out what ads to create and how to run your marketing, join the Bootcamp where I will share the Facebook Ads roadmap that has been tried and tested with different swing dance schools across Europe.
The Bootcamp starts in June and this is the perfect time for you to prepare for the next season – have tracking set up and crack on advertising and filling your classes in September.

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