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How to post videos after an event?

So you just organized an event and have videos of performances, teachers’ intros/outros, competitions, jams to post.
Here’s how you could use your material if you want to increase a chance for more shares/engagement/reach.


Edit your videos – add a short intro in the beginning and outro at the end. The intro needs to be short and in the best case start with action rather than showing your logo. You can add a transparent logo and the name of the performance + names of dancers in the video. Add your event’s or organizer’s information at the end of the video – website, hashtag, date, location.
Add a custom thumbnail for each video. You could use a photo from the performance for a better effect and don’t have to use a screenshot from the video.
Add all relevant information to each title, description, hashtags, tags, location.
Add the End Screen for each video. You can create one and then duplicate it for the rest of the videos.
No, your videos are not made for kids.
Schedule your videos so you would post a video a day. You don’t have to throw all the videos at once. Overall reach and number of views will be higher if you spread videos across time.


Take your videos and cut the best sequences (up to 60 seconds). Cut the video into square 1:1 and zoom so the dancers would be filling the frame. I’d sacrifice the video quality over the dynamics. When dancers are filling the frame, the dance is more fun to watch.
You don’t need to show full performance/competition. Cut the best parts and share them.
Also, if you cut and share a single couple dancing in the competition, they might repost the video on their wall since it’s only about them and not all the participants 🙂


Share both YouTube videos and Instagram videos on Facebook. Add all the titles and descriptions. Yes, share ALL VIDEOS on Facebook, not the links to YouTube.
Facebook wants to keep people on Facebook so any link to leave Facebook will not be favored by Facebook and will get less reach.

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