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Digital Marketing for Swing Dance Schools

The Bootcamp #3 | June 2023

Get new students using Facebook Ads like a Pro

  • Are you struggling to grow faster than the pre-covid times?
  • Are you having difficulties getting students without constantly posting on social media?
  • Are you using Facebook advertising already but unsure it’s delivering results?

Join an online BootCamp with Martynas Stonys in June ’23. You will learn how to run Facebook Ads so they will end in bringing you sign-ups for your classes, courses, and workshops. Learn how to use digital marketing to get new students and help your scene flourish.

June 2023
5+ hours of video material to watch offline
Facebook Tracking & Account setup included
Exclusive for 10 participants
with Martynas Stonys
3 meetings on Zoom for extra material and Q&A
from €500

The Program

You will have marketing campaigns running by the end of this program. They will be bringing you new students while you dance.

5+ hours of videos • 3 meetings live on Zoom • Templates and how-tos included

The workshop content falls into five categories: seeing the big picture, website optimisation for new students, creating & launching the ads, data collection & optimisation.

Here’s a week-by-week breakdown of the curriculum we will work through together in the Bootcamp:

00 Preparation

A Zoom call with Martynas
On the agreed time & date before June 5th

A 15-minute introduction call 1on1 for us to meet and greet. We will also need to figure out what kind of tracking setup will work specifically for you.

Martynas will setup the required accounts and tracking

Facebook Business Manager, Ad Account, Pixel, Google Tag Manager, and event (user actions on the website) setup so you would know which ads get your registrations. This is crucial for running Facebook Ads successfully. The earlier tracking is setup, the better performance you can expect in the future. SIGN UP.

01 Marketing

Offline videos
For you to watch on your own time. Provided by May 29th at the latest.

Why marketing is essential, buyer's journey, online and offline marketing tools, and complete swing dance studio marketing strategy.

02 Marketing Q&A

A lecture on Zoom
Monday, June 5th, 7 pm (GMT+3)

Case studies on how businesses use digital marketing to reach their goals + Q&A session.

03 Website optimisation

Offline videos
For you to watch on your own time. Provided by June 8th at the latest.

What's the purpose of your website, how to organise information, and best practices which, when implemented, will mak it easier for people that want to sing up for classes, to actually sign up for classes.

04 How Facebook Ads work

Offline videos
For you to watch on your own time. Provided by June 9th at the latest.

How do Facebook Ads work, what is Pixel, how to create audiences, what are campaigns/ad sets/ads, the campaign structure, naming conventions, ad types, placements, and all the details.

Following the templates and how-tos

Create audiences on Facebook for precise targeting.

05 Ad Assets - (images & text)

Offline videos
For you to watch on your own time. Provided by June 10th at the latest.

How to get people to get interested in your classes, what types of images to use, and what to use in headlines and text?

Following the templates and how-tos

Prepare your first assets - images and texts.

06 Q&A + Ad Assets (videos)

Lecture on Zoom
Monday, June 19th, 7 pm (GMT +3)

If a picture is worth a thousand words then a video is priceless. Videos will help you to show the joy, the energy, and the versatility of swing dancing. At the same time, creating a video is much more expensive (or takes more time) to produce. We will talk about ad videos and how to produce them + Q&A about any material covered in videos before.

07 Launching Facebook Ads

Offline videos
For you to watch on your own time. Provided by June 20th at the latest.

How to launch ads like a pro for the best results.

08 Full Facebook Ads strategy

Offline videos
For you to watch on your own time. Provided by June 21st at the latest.

Full strategy with different messages and creatives that would help you not just get students for the next class, but also grow in the upcoming years.

09 How to measure results

Offline videos
For you to watch on your own time. Provided by June 22nd at the latest.

Depending on your Facebook Ads performance, you will need to adjust your budget, creative, and overall strategy. The videos will explain how Martynas tracks results and what decisions are made depending on ad performance.

10 Review + Q&A

Hangout on Zoom
Monday, June 26th, 7 pm (UTC +3)

The review and the discussion - reviewing ad performance, planning the next steps.

11 BootCamp Catchup #1 + Q&A (optional)

Hangout on Zoom (optional)
Monday, July 24th, 7 pm (GMT +3)

A hangout for the participants to get help on any ongoing tasks. This is where we can get into audits, feedback, or talk about anything dance related.

12 BootCamp Catchup #2 + Q&A

Hangout on Zoom (optional)
Wednesday, October 18th, 7 pm (GMT +3)

A hangout for the participants to get help on any ongoing tasks. This is where we can get into audits, feedback, or talk about anything dance related.

Ad optimisation
Working with Martynas is awesome, he really knows what he's doing. He knows how to deal with online visibility and social media promotion. And he knows very well how a local Swing community works. The combination of these two creates a unique knowledge and experience to support and guide us through this complicated world of online advertising. With his passion for Swing dancing, he delivers a very valuable contribution to making the world of Swing dancing grow all over Europe. Martynas combines efficient marketing with a big heart. He is well organized, works transparently, and is very reliable. It is a blessing to work with Martynas.
Anja Debruyn

Crazy Legs, Gent, Belgium

Much more than any marketing workshop, Martynas helped us to develop a clear and profound marketing strategy that works in the world of swing, no doubts. Since we started our classes and workshops are sold-out and we know exactly what to next. It’s work, no false illusions, but with Martynas it’s also fun and it definitely takes out the stress of content marketing (do I have to post daily, weekly and what the heck should I post next!?). EXACTLY what we needed in a (post-) pandemic world. And we are just at the beginning, can’t wait to see what happens when the long-term effects are kicking in.
Heiko Heckendron

Basel Jitterbugs, Basel, Switzerland

Martynas did an amazing job helping The Swing Call with a better digital strategy! He helped us recruit new students and we reached more than the ideal objective! He's super professional, organised, he pushes us to try new things, manages campaigns in a very autonomous way. He totally understands the dance school stakes given that he managed one and of course has a very expert eye on the dancing given his skills! We were lucky to have him around and we will for sure ask him again for help! Thanks Martynas!
Emma Why

The Swing Call, Merseille, France

The Details

This Bootcamp is tailored for swing dance scene school/studio/event owners, fixers, managers, organizers. Not sure if it’s for you? Let’s chat.

It is an online learning experience designed to teach you how to use Facebook Ads in order to grow your scene. It is not a DIY video course that you are expected to go through on your own. I will expect you participating the lectures on Zoom if you want to have the best results for your school..

The workshop is not for everyone, but it might be for you. You should sign up if you’re stuck with marketing. If you feel that the efforts of organic posts on Facebook and Instagram do not fill the beginner classes. Sing up if you are using Facebook Ads but you have no idea how many actual registrations these ads are bringing in. Sign up now if you want to have a working system on how to get students for your classes.

There are many variables outside advertising that can stop you from growing – market, competition, the quality of your service, your offer, timing, etc.). But if you feel the only thing from growing is reaching potential students then this Bootcamp is a solution for you.

First, most people are on Facebook (now Meta) platform. Second, Facebook Ads is a fantastic tool if you want to get results (registrations) and not just to get brand awareness. Third, Facebook makes it easy to scale.

Google Ads would be an additional part of a full digital marketing strategy since you want to make sure people find you when they are searching for swing dancing. But it’s much more difficult to scale.

Pinterest, Tik Tok, or other ad platforms are not as advanced as Facebook therefore, the best results you can get with Facebook. Once you squeeze everything out from Facebook, you could test other platforms on the side.

Instagram is owned by Facebook and therefore, the Bootcamp covers advertising on Facebook, Instagram, and other placements within the Meta network. When I say Facebook, I mean all these platforms.

If you set up everything according to the instructions with ads for local classes (courses) you should be getting registrations in a couple of days with a €10 daily budget. Keep in mind that performance varies depending on your location, competition, and offer.

Feel free to talk to me on Facebook.

About Martynas

Vilnius swing dance scene leader, international instructor
Digital Marketing

Full-time digital
marketing consultant

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Managing €100k ad budgets by day, helping the swing dance scene grow by night

I work full-time as a digital marketing consultant in an agency with lead generation and e-commerce business mostly based in the UK. I run Google, Facebook, Bing, Amazon Ads, Email Marketing for them, consult, and basically help them grow.

On my spare time I help the swing dance community grow by working with swing dance schools. I run digital marketing and share the best practices used by million-dollar and other swing dance schools.

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With Swing Dance Schools since August 2020
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8 .69
Cost per Registration

Is €8.69 per registration cheap? Expensive? If your new students take at least 6 months of your classes on average, how much are you willing to spend so they join? Now add on top that these are the students you might not have joined you anyway since they wouldn’t see your organic posts.

Marketing is not a cost. It’s an investment that can help you and your scene grow.



1 person

  • Tracking and account setup
  • 5+ hours of video material
  • 3 lectures on Zoom
  • Up to 30 minutes of personal support


2 or more participants from the same school

  • Tracking and account setup
  • 5+ hours of video material
  • 3 lectures on Zoom
  • Up to 60 minutes of personal support