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10 reasons why Facebook (Meta) Ads is the best advertising channel

so far, if you want to grow your swing dance school?


You will reach people spending time on Facebook and Instagram – two major social media networks.


You can control who sees your ads. With organic posts, you are most likely to reach your followers/fans, who are most likely to be your students and you will not be reaching potential students at all.


You can exclude your students from the target audience. You don’t even want to reach them with your ads since they are dancing with you anyways.


Facebook Pixel will reach people who are most likely to be interested to sign up for your classes (if you have the tracking set up correctly).


Facebook Ads will help you promote classes while it’s really difficult to do it with organic posts. Announcements of new classes are not engaged much so Facebook limits the reach of such posts. Also, if you share a link to your (or any website), most likely it will not have a big reach, and even if it does, who is going to see your post? Most likely your students 🙂


The majority of your spending will be allocated toward reaching completely new people who haven’t engaged with your website or social media. This means you will grow both the awareness of your school and the awareness of swing dancing.


With reaching new people, most likely your website traffic from direct and organic search sources will rise as well. People see you, people search for you.


Other ad platforms are not sophisticated enough to get you the results that Facebook can. Google Ads is a fantastic platform but we need to raise awareness of swing dance so people would search for it. Google Ads is not the best channel if people are not searching for the thing.


There’s this Bootcamp where you can learn how to use Facebook Ads specifically for swing dance schools with strategies tested across different countries. Don’t waste time trying to figure out things yourself. Get the knowledge that’s accumulated from running successful ads for different swing dance schools (link in the comments).


You will be able to focus on dancing, teaching, organising events, and engaging with your community. Because once you set up ads for upcoming classes, you will not have to worry about what you should post next to get students

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Facebook Ads Bootcamp