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S01E15 A Shortcut for your students

Why does a cheetah have a tail? For balance. Why do human beings have arms? ForĀ using a smartphone. But it helps to keep balance when dancing. Ask your students to keep hands up for the whole class when they are dancing and see the change. Notice how dancing becomes easier. Notice how much more control…

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S01E11 More stability better retention rate

What I’ve noticed among my students and with myself, with every change of the service you use, you might stop using that service. What I mean by that? Every time you change timetable for the group of your students, some of them will not like it and drop out. You change the room, somebody won’t…

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S01E10 The Reason I Was Loosing Best Students

I am not anymore. When I started teaching classes, I wanted to train some new talents for the scene. I wanted to show how good I am in teaching and how fast I can train someone who is talented. I failed. I lost so many students who should have been able to be next Pamela,…

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