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S01E16 When To Twist And When To Swivel?

It just sounds better, but the subject should be “when to twist and when to rock step”. This post is about followers. How soon twists/swivels (from here twists) should be introduced? First of all, I believe twists is not a styling but rather a basic step. Twists can be substituted to rock step in some…

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S01E11 More stability better retention rate

What I’ve noticed among my students and with myself, with every change of the service you use, you might stop using that service. What I mean by that? Every time you change timetable for the group of your students, some of them will not like it and drop out. You change the room, somebody won’t…

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S01E09 Trick your students to practice

Sometimes I and students would see a different goal of a class. I will make them practice one thing and they would think about something else. I need students to practice a Swing Out a lot. But just practicing is boring even if I give them tips and techniques to work on. Spending more then 1 class on swing…

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S01E04 Teach a Swing Out Last

In my previous post you’ve read (you can still read it) what to teach in the first class of the Lindy Hop. What should you teach next after you do some 8 count basic? A Swing Out? No. Hold on. I know Swing Out is Lindy Hop and every lindy hopper should know how to swing out.…

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