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S01E14 Musicality: part 2

The first step to making your students dance to the music is talking about it and teaching how to dance to the music all the time. It should come along technique and be taught in most classes, not just a few. When teaching a move you should add some variations that students could use. But…

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S01E13 Musicality: part 1

Your students will mostly dance what they have practiced in your classes. You are the one responsible for what they are practicing and what their focus is. I felt that my students could do better in dancing to music and I would talk about it a lot. However, musicality was the topic I would teach…

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S01E09 Trick your students to practice

Sometimes I and students would see a different goal of a class. I will make them practice one thing and they would think about something else. I need students to practice a Swing Out a lot. But just practicing is boring even if I give them tips and techniques to work on. Spending more then 1 class on swing…

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