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S01E16 When To Twist And When To Swivel?

It just sounds better, but the subject should be “when to twist and when to rock step”. This post is about followers. How soon twists/swivels (from here twists) should be introduced? First of all, I believe twists is not a styling but rather a basic step. Twists can be substituted to rock step in some…

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S01E14 Musicality: part 2

The first step to making your students dance to the music is talking about it and teaching how to dance to the music all the time. It should come along technique and be taught in most classes, not just a few. When teaching a move you should add some variations that students could use. But…

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S01E07 Teacher’s disaster: mixed level group

Whenever I travel organizers feel sorry, when they have to explain, so the X group is a bit mixed level. It used to scare me a lot. But any group┬áhas students of different level. The range might be different, but I haven’t seen the group where everyone is the same. I find two problems with…

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S01E05 The Reason Leaders Stop Coming To Classes

We do the Lindy Hop because it’s fun. When it stops being fun, we stop doing it. Why leaders do the Lindy Hop? The same reason – it’s fun. It’s fun to move to swing music and dance with another human being. It’s fun to initiate, to react, try new things, see if it’s working…

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