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S01E18 The dance qualities we should aim for

There’s 3 qualities Lindy Hop or other couple swing dancers I believe should aim for while practicing. Rhythm – being on time with the music. It’s not being off-beat, it’s controlling your every step and every movement so it has rhythm. Rhythm in general is timing. It’s when things happen. Comfort – being comfortable to…

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S01E17 Help your best dancers to become better versions of themselves

I want to get back to writing and sharing my experience. But to be motivated, I need to have a conversation. I need questions, problems and comments. I need you to tell me if something I said doesn’t make sense. I need you to tell me this is BS if you think it is. Otherwise,…

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Failing an aerial and the lesson from that

It’s been a long time since the last time I fell during an aerial and it’s the first time while doing the Frankie. After we caught breath, Elze was already excited to see the video. And I totally forgot about it. Now it’s really good to see what went wrong. Film yourself when you’re practicing.…

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