S01E19 Improved rotation in classes

Rotation that makes everyone equal.

I haven’t felt satisfied with only leaders or followers rotating during the class. It’s not fare for students that only one role has to travel/has a spot. It’s not fare for some students who don’t get enough attention from teachers just because they stand in some spot that is too far or too dark.

So let’s make everyone rotate. Followers rotate clockwise, leaders rotate counter clockwise. Everytime everyone walks to meet their partner. Perfectly they will meet in the middle. Though I don’t care if it’s not perfect. Everyone rotating feels already satisfying and fare enough to everyone.

I have been practicing this at What a Jazz dance studio for a while and sometimes in workshops. No downsides yet except for a bit of confusion the first time students do it.

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  1. Anthony
    2018-02-17 at 01:13 · Reply

    We have just started trying this out in our Boulder classes and it is going very well. I have found the same as you; other than a little initial confusion the students catch on quickly. The only difference is that we have followers rotate counterclockwise and leaders clockwise. ?

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