S01E18 The dance qualities we should aim for

There’s 3 qualities Lindy Hop or other couple swing dancers I believe should aim for while practicing.

Rhythm – being on time with the music. It’s not being off-beat, it’s controlling your every step and every movement so it has rhythm. Rhythm in general is timing. It’s when things happen.

Comfort – being comfortable to dance with. When we are comfortable with ourselves and with our partners we create space to try things. That’s where magic can happen.

Aesthetics – the looks of the movement. I haven’t integrated this one a lot in my teaching, but I try emphasizing looking good while dancing. First step is usually having a straight back with shoulders back instead creates better connection and makes your body ready to react and control the movement. And it looks good on photos and videos.

So, if you have good timing, are comfortable to dance with and you look good you’re probably one of the top dancers.

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