S01E17 Help your best dancers to become better versions of themselves


I want to get back to writing and sharing my experience. But to be motivated, I need to have a conversation. I need questions, problems and comments. I need you to tell me if something I said doesn’t make sense. I need you to tell me this is BS if you think it is. Otherwise, I will only speak with other teachers when I meet them, because I can have a conversation and not a speech. I’m not good in giving speeches 😉

To begin with something – here’s my rant #1.

I want my students to become better dancers and better themselves. I want them to understand what works, what doesn’t, how to match and how to adjust. I don’t want them to look like me or move like me. Even if I would be the best in the world, I wouldn’t want that. The swing dance scene doesn’t need another Martynas (please, get the joke). The scene needs you.

In the beginning you have to copy your teachers and other dancers. As soon you understand what works and what doesn’t, pay attention to yourself. Try things. Find out what does and what doesn’t work for YOU. Film yourself dancing. Watch it. Get inspired from yourself. We need you. Better you!

As a teachers, help your students to figure it out. Understand If they are experienced enough to try things themselves instead of just copying you. Teach them ideas, how to think and how to experiment. Ask them questions so you could understand how they think and help them if they need help.

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  1. natalia
    2017-01-27 at 16:34 · Reply

    I’ve been dancing for a year now and I’m slowly starting to try new things. That’s how I found your website, looking for new things to try in Balboa (mostly, buy lindy hop too). I’d love to have my own style, my own thing, but it’s difficult to find out what makes you “you” on the dance floor, it’s a slow process, I think.

    Thank you for all your videos and the words, they do help. A lot. 😀

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