S01E14 Musicality: part 2


The first step to making your students dance to the music is talking about it and teaching how to dance to the music all the time. It should come along technique and be taught in most classes, not just a few.

When teaching a move you should add some variations that students could use. But when doing that you shouldn’t forget to explain why there are variations at all. It helps to master leading and following, but the point is being able to adjust your move to the music.

Variations come from music. You start doing some move, and you follow the music. The music takes you to a particular variation. On a different part of the song the music will make you do a different variation.

When teaching you shouldn’t forget to tell students that the music makes you do this. And they should listen to the music and let the music guide their choices. There will be lots of not hitting the music, but eventually your students will understand what’s going on.

To make it easier you should play only a few songs in a class. And then play those songs again. And again after a few months. I understand that it might be boring for you, but let your students learn those songs. Then practicing new variations to already known songs becomes piece of cake.

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