S01E08 How saying “relax” doesn’t help


How often do you tell your students to relax? How often they actually relax?

I stopped telling students to relax, because it doesn’t help. They don’t understand what to do.

You can’t just relax. Relaxation comes when you do something extra.


I tell them to move their bodies.

Lindy Hop is a dance, and dancing is moving your body to music. If one is tensed, one can’t move therefore one can’t dance. Of course movement has to swing, be continuous, have rhythm, etc. But moving will bring the right amount of relaxation.

Handbrake off

I ask if he/she drive a car. Even if they don’t drive they know what a handbrake is. Dancing tensed up is like driving a car with a handbrake on. Release the handbrake and there’s no need to try that hard anymore. That’s one of a few not dirty minded examples I use.

If someone told me to relax I wouldn’t understand what I should do. Should I take a break? Should I care less? Should I give less effort? Should I get a massage or a week off?

Instead of raising more questiosn give me an answer.

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