S01E06 Your students don’t care about technique


Your students don’t care about technique as much as you do.

Or should they? Should they care about posture, stretching, contracting, body leading, matching and other fancy words?

I don’t think so.

Does that mean they don’t need it at all? No.

Your students need as much (or little) of technique to make it work. If it’s working, you don’t need to over explain. If it’s not working, your students will be eager to learn required technique to make it work. So teach enough of technique to help your students do the new moves.

I understand you want to share technique that you learnt in a recent workshop that you’ve just attended. But keep it for a while. In workshops majority of people are already passionate about Lindy Hop. They are special. You’re special. You are the minority. You travel, take workshops, watch videos and you care about your Lindy Hop.

Majority does it for fun as a hobby. 9 out of 10 don’t want to be best, compete do performances or teach. They want to have fun, learn something and dance. That’s it.

So again it’s all about the choice of what you are going to teach next.

Don’t teach a technique just to teach technique. There’s no need for a better tuck turn if it’s already working (and is comfortable enough). Better teach a new variation of tuck turn following the required technique. Or do technique first then work on tuck turn variations.

Be smart and make people come back to your next class.

I feel I need to update the post since there was lots of discussions on Facebook land and I feel I’m misunderstood.

First of all, I’m sorry that I used the subject as a click bait. It’s controversial. But I want teachers to think a bit before teaching what they’ve learnt in a previous workshop and how much of technique they are giving to their students.

This blog is dedicated to teaching local classes as I have so much more experience in running a studio and teaching various levels and various students. You shouldn’t take one blog post and say I’m doing it wrong. Or you shouldn’t think I’m not teaching technique at all or too little if you haven’t been to my local or even recent workshops.

My goal is to have students back for the next class. And I will teach as much technique as needed to make dancing work for them. That means their dancing should be on time with music and comfortable. I will show and explain my students the way I do it. But if they find other way to make it work and still be comfortable I’m glad. That’s it. It works. Let’s move on. Let’s find something new that will bring challenges and make us (teachers and students) work on technique again.

I lost so many students because I emphasized technique a bit too much. It was the goal. Now I’m finding ways to include technique in classes. That’s why I would teach some new moves and variations that need technique to be able to make those new thing work.

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Responses (2)

  1. Gerre Cuinn
    2015-11-06 at 22:13 · Reply

    Yes, some people over complicate everything even walking, running, laughing and singing . I don’t want to make beginners think too much, just do it , feel the joy and come back again .

  2. Susan McDonald
    2015-11-07 at 12:21 · Reply

    I absolutely agree 100 percent with this! Let’s get people dancing without overburdening them with technique – there’s plenty of time for that.

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