S01E05 The Reason Leaders Stop Coming To Classes

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We do the Lindy Hop because it’s fun. When it stops being fun, we stop doing it.

Why leaders do the Lindy Hop? The same reason – it’s fun. It’s fun to move to swing music and dance with another human being. It’s fun to initiate, to react, try new things, see if it’s working or not, hit the break in music, miss the break in music. Learn from these experiences and try again.

It’s not fun, when the follower doesn’t know how to dance. When you have to lead everything so clearly, so he/she could understand what’s going on. When you have to babysit your follower, because he/she can’t even keep her rhythm or momentum. When he/she listens or waits too much and doesn’t move. Or is crazy and doesn’t follow you at all.

I know followers hate, when leaders can’t manage to do/lead a new move in a class. But that goes to teachers (and you should talk to your teachers. Or I will). Teachers should teach something leaders could manage to do or choose a topic so both leaders and followers could improve and not depend on their partner’s level.

But when followers can’t follow/react/dance, then leaders can’t learn at all. They get frustrated, they think Lindy Hop is too difficult and then stop dancing.

So you, as a teacher, should teach followers how to move, keep balance and most importantly how to react. Then teaching leaders how to initiate movement or lead a variation is easy. And leaders will use the variation you taught on social dance floor, not just in classes. They will use it because it’s working.

So focus on followers first, leaders will appreciate that and thank you by showing up.

Are you already teaching like that, but still loosing leaders? Contact me, I’m more than eager to solve your problem.

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